February 19, 2013

Nifty Future for 20th-Feb- 2013

##  Neutral Extreme Day in Nifty.

##  IB Low And High both gets Broken and Market closes @ one Extreme.

##  OTF stepped later in  a day and held Market in Trend into Close.

##  So Now we look for Continuation to this Positive Close.

##  Which makes it Buy on declines. Ref levels to watch out are 5917 and 5937.

## Upside targets Could be 5970-92.

## Another Possibility if Nifty Opens Below 5957-52 , may Rotate in today's Single prints. ( 5941-24), This
     could be Open Trade ( Strictly open Trade, as on daily structure bias is +ve ).
    Similar Trade is Possible in TataSteel Future @ Open. i.e. Opens below 388.50, Short Trade possible.
    If Opens above 390.50, negate this trade.

Here is Tatasteel Chart,

Happy Trading !!!

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