January 31, 2013

NIFTY 31/1/2013 Expiry Day

EOD Analysis :

# NF had Small Range Day i.e. Approx 27 points.

# One more Neutral Center Day.

# But Development was Below PVP, YVwap yesterday.

# Ref Level of 6074-77 Held.

Expectation   : 

# Possibly slow start to the day.

# Open May be inside VA , near POC.

# Probable Trade in the direction of  Breakout to the Yesterday Balance.

# Last few Expiry day were quite, Hopefully today will be different.


  1. Shortd @ 6050 sl 6056 . tgt 6031 #VPOC #OD.

    1. Okey,
      Didn't trade NF @ Open.
      Holding SBI long only.

    2. Yet theres no orders confirming #shorts. Kept YIBL as stop . If days low not breached will scratch the #shorts. Ur thoughts?

    3. Coverd short @ #VPOC 6031 .. #onegoodtrade

  2. why not mark the entry point / tgt point on the chart... as u saw it at time of starting the trade..and then post follow up to thought process once trade is done... That will be more helpful to yourself...!

    1. Linkon,
      Good Idea.
      But its difficult to process n decide Trades in nearly 6 stocks i follow, plus Nifty. That too within like first 7-8 mins.
      So i have to place my own Trades within this time so posting chart makes difficult.
      May be i can do that EOD.

    2. it doesn't have to be immediately... just take a snap shot... and then upload those with comments once u finish the trade... or u are sitting idle...!

      Objective is to be objective in our subjective approach. Its a lot tougher than mechanical trading... where being objective is a lot easier...even on hindsight...!