February 11, 2013

Neutral Day -Nifty Future

Generally we should be cautious when  move happens in last half hour, most of time it proves as Spike only.
And next day that Spike gets repaired.
Exactly Same thing happened today.

# Open was in Spike, Inside Range, then there was not much conviction in open, then  it was clear that
    sellers not very keen to push market down. ( Mentioned about probable Rotations in this Post Here )

# Small Initial Balance , Both sides Range Extension

# Close within Range @ Center makes it Neutral  Day

Things to Watch Out tomorrow =>

# Today Being Neutral Day ( Balanced ), Tomorrow we can expect vertical move out of that balance Zone.

 As it has been trend for Nifty , one or two days of Balance lead to Big moves.

# See where NF opens, if it opens out of Value area,possibly that would be right direction to Trade.

Ref levels  5946 on Upside, 5912/5908.

Will follow up in Open Bias After market opens.

Happy Trading.

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