January 16, 2011

Finally Breakdown !!!

NF finally broke level of 5700 ,which was held for nearly 4days.
Here is MP chart with every period split , to see how fast market reversed from its direction to close near days low.
NF opened weak, below previous Value area,n later broke IB raneg to upside to hit YVAH of nearly 5860, rotated there for 3 periods, giving impression as if Double Distribution Day was developing, but in "J" period it quickly Rejected DD Day to hit days low, n finally made weekly low.
closed near days low,after strong initiative selling below 5700.
Picture looks very bearish now.
Here is another chart with NF volumes n Open interest (weekly).
Volumes were very high, nearly highest after 10July 2009,(Downthrust Bar???-next bar may give confirmation ) and Open interest increased nearly 110% over past week.However Open interest is not extremely high as compared to volume increase. so is there some profit booking in shorts ??? 
Option OI ..saw OI cut  in puts
5700 Puts = -6.59% /  5800 Puts= -25%  / however 5600Put= +10%n 5500 Put=22% added Oi.
In calls important level of 5600 added Hugh Oi = + 82% but 5900 CE= reduced 11% Oi..profit booking ??
Important level to watch on downside next weeks are 5610-5565. On upside 5695-5750.
Lets see how market trades on Monday some recovery or continuation of fall ? i think markets may see some recovery may be after some down move..

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